The complex problems associated with delivering equitable sustainable agricultural intensification (SAI) in Africa require innovative solutions. 

To facilitate social learning around this emerging research evidence and these tools, the SAIRLA has established a network of National Learning Alliances (NLAs). Each NLA is coordinated by an NLA facilitation team and comprises different stakeholders in the national agricultural system (farmer organisations, government actors, private sector actors, media, NGOs, researchers and academia) bringing their diverse experience and values to bear in social learning aiming to inform decision making processes that will develop equitable SAI. The social learning process enables members to appreciate and discuss different perspectives, assess scenarios and options for SAI, help foster more inclusive decision-making, and strengthen their capacity and their commitment to act. 

The International Learning Alliance (ILA) is a cross institutional community of practice whose role it is to develop a strategy for influence in policy and for building institutional capacity to share the lessons from the programme at the global level. It comprises members of the NLAs, policy makers, donors, researchers, investors, the private sector and others interested in SAI.