Researchers are analysing long-term data from smallholders in order to understand how gender, generation, and land-holding size affect their capacity to increase agricultural productivity. Training will be given to firms and service providers to improve equity in their own practices and to policymakers to more effectively integrate equity within agricultural policy development and implementation.

The project combines policy analysis, outcome mapping, satellite imagery and qualitative methods to answer four key research questions:

  1. To what extent has intensification of smallholder agriculture in Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania led to soil degradation and poor land management?
  2. To what extent and how is the relationship between intensification and soil degradation/land management mediated by gender and age?
  3. To what extent and how has intensification reconfigured intra-household relations in terms of gender and age?
  4. What is the role of local institutions in creating sustainable intensification and how can these roles be improved to increase equity?

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