The global demand for food is set to increase significantly.  With smallholder farms in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) representing 80 per cent of all farms in the region, and contributing up to 90 per cent of food production in some countries, smallholder agriculture is seen as an effective means of reducing poverty and hunger in low-income countries - but only through sustainable access to markets. 

This new Working Paper from SAIRLA introduces the different perspectives on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification (SAI), the possible pathways leading towards increases in agricultural productivity as well as the trade-offs that exist between the overall approaches and between elements of them. The paper aims to inform SSA stakeholders as they contextualise SAI in diverse national and local contexts and in the wider global context. In turn, SSA stakeholders will seek to inform and engage decision-makers to as to what constitutes an effective enabling environment that will enable poor African smallholder farmers, especially women and youth, to benefit from SAI and agricultural development in SSA.    

Download Understanding different perspectives on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and how it can be achieved, SAIRLA Working Paper 1.


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