In order to effectively address the limitations for marginalised smallholders, including women and young people, to access, deliver and benefit from sustainable agricultural intensification (SAI), eight multi-country projects have been commissioned by SAIRLA to explore the following themes: 

  • Equity: Identifying the mechanisms that could provide smallholders with better access to resources and information on SAI;

  • Trade-offs: Understanding the policy frameworks and implementation tools needed to address and reduce trade offs between increased production and environment impact, what the risks are for small holders and how they manage them;

  • Access to services: Strengthening the quality of agricultural extension services and improving the availability and use of market, technical and other information by resource-poor farmers.

The evidence base of what does and doesn't work will be made available to decision-makers at local, national and regional levels. The results will also inform governments, business and local communities on how women and resource-poor smallholders can manage their agricultural resources for different outcomes in an increasingly commercial world.