This project aims to design and implement new digitally-supported information services that will support farmer decision-making in an intensification trajectory. The project will combine three approaches to achieve this.

  • “User-centred design“: This involves identifying how farmers currently use information. These insights will be used to develop new concepts and prototypes for information services, which will be trialled with farmers and other prospective users.
  • The “lean data” approach: an evaluative data collection approach that makes use of digital tools, this is highly goal-oriented and uses validated indicators. This will help to evaluate and compare farms and accelerate learning about how well they perform on different indicators that are important for SAI.
  • “Crowdsourcing” or farmer citizen science: to support a large group of farmers in experimenting with new agricultural options and creating new knowledge for sustainable agricultural intensification. The project will combine elements from these different approaches to create a digitally-supported agro-advisory service and to collect evidence on its effective